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"you have to see it to believe it"



 What Items Do We Authenticate? 

  • Autographed Entertainment Memorabilia

  • Signed Movie Props, Photos and Posters

  • Signed Guitars, Drumheads and Albums

  • Signed Funko Pop! vinyl figures and more 

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We authenticate autographs and signed movie memorabilia in person and online.

We use advanced technology and added security features to help prevent counterfeiting. 


VIP Authentic was the first and only autograph authentication service to offer a hologram embedded

COA card personalized with the celebrity's name, and the first to offer full authentication online.

Most collectors will not purchase an item unless a trustworthy third-party authentication service verifies it. 

Increase the value of your items.   Have them Verified Authentic by VIP Authentication Services.

How Do We Know if an Item is Legit?

Combined with our industry knowledge and technology, we look at every autograph under magnification, checking for

everything from pen pressure, to letter size, slant, flow, consistency, line quality, spacing, case formation and placement.

Then we compare your item's signature side-by-side with known authentic exemplars from trusted sources. 


To complete your authentication process, an individually numbered hologram security decal matching the hologram

embedded in the VIPCOA card is provided to you, and the information is entered into our online database.

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