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"you have to see it to believe it"


"Verified in Person Authentication Services,

  VIPAS as they're commonly known, are the memorabilia experts you see on TV shows like Pawn Stars"



"Buyers and sellers don't mind if their memorabilia

is authenticated by PSA, JSA, BAS or someone else.

Collectors like to display their coa cards with their item

and like memorabilia accompanied by VIPAS holo cards"

T. Gaul, Anaheim, CA


"We used the free submission form for our 

President Trump signed Playboy magazine.

It was verified authentic, they gave us the 

market value, and we sold it the same day!"

R. Simmons,  Dallas, TX


"These guys know their stuff, they took the time to answer my questions about the cast signed prop I was bidding on and saved me a lot of money and headaches"

T. Ruiz, Miami, FL


"Just got my collection of autographed pop vinyl figures completely authenticated online with VIPAS. No charges and no chance of damage in shipping"

A. Rollinson. London, UK


"In my opinion the best autograph authenticators in the business, BAS for sports collectibles and VIPAS for movie memorabilia"

J. Mauro, Los Angeles, CA


"I had my items verified

by these guys a long time ago at the SDCC event, Great people to talk shop" 

N. Lee, Portland, OR


"Would love to see the VIPAS booth at Steel City Con in 2022" 

C. Evans, Pittsburg, PA

Upload Photo

Use our FREE online submissions form to upload a photo or the online auction link of any item you'd like to have us authenticate.
Our experts will reply within 2-3 business days with our professional opinion of either Authentic, Likely Authentic, or UnableToVerify.

If we determine your autographed item is authentic, or likely authentic, a link

is included to receive our Full Authentication Service completely done online.

You'll also receive the item's estimated current market value and our very competitive offer.

We assign each item submitted a unique serial number and enter the collectible's information

and the photo you upload into our online

database. It can be verified at any time by going to and entering the VIPCOA number.  Cards are mailed within 7-10 days.


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